Steadily serving our future generations, we at Victuar see our role in society not only in providing high quality Uniforms, but we also feel a great responsibility towards society and the environment. This is why we believe it is our duty to adopt a transparent and ethical approach to business.
Therefore trying to make a difference we have obliged ourselves to the following:

  1. Fair Trade: Our Partners are certified with the Fairtrade Certification Mark, guaranteeing that the cotton used in the products has been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards. This way, we help improve working and living conditions of Cotton producers and workers in developing countries as well as encouraging environmental protection and ensuring Ethical Labour. Starting 2010, we are launching the first full range of Fair Trade schoolwear.
  2. Recycling: Trying to help saving resources for our future generations, we recycle wherever possible, by separating Paper and PMD.
  3. Saving Energy: Having in mind the climate change we save Energy, by using energy saving light bulbs and even natural light whenever possible, as well as energy efficient applications.